'da Funk of Brotha'Hood
'da Funky Members pollutin' da Stage
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Erick *saxx* aka Afropiglet Payne (Erick Payne) - saxophone/ vocals
Bace - Bass/Vocalist
D - Drums/Vocalist
Mega-Soul-(Tyree Maddox) - Rapper/Vocalist /Lyricist
'daFunkface-(kevinjohnson) - guitarist /synth /thermon /lyricist vocalist.

'da Funk of Brotha'Hood will soon be adding a keyboardist to 'daFunkinship so keep your eyes open, it's going to get nastier.
"saxx" aka "Afropiglet" (Erick Payne), saxophone, clarinet, flute, and vocals. Of Charlotte, NC. Saxx brings in the Maceo Parker/James Brown funk that 'da Brotha'Hood ride on. And with his "Afropiglet" wind on the instuments and power on the mic, he brings a lot of flavor to 'da Brotha'hood, adding to their unique style. Being an easy person the relate to, he makes the Love of 'da Funk stay Loved.

"Bace" - He holds down the low-end bringing it back out your backside with his slappin'/ pullin', whatever you call it. Being one of the best bass players in the area, he brings 'da Funk the funky side to their Hardcore edge. He brings out what 'da Funk's been missing...SOUL!! With his great attitude and willingness to work w/ 'da Funk, makes him and important part. He can relate to their subjects.

D - holding the pocket where 'da Funk needs it. He brings on the Hip-Hop, old/new age Funky side of 'da Funk. Her ability to hold a pocket keeping the groove where it's needed bringing up the dynamics when she wants to get nasty. He's da one that makes you climb on 'daFunkin'ship" adding the flavorable taste you feel in your mouth. He gives the pocket grooves that 'da Funk has also been missing: Being a member that's able to relate to what 'da Funk speaks about.

"Mega-Soul" (Tyree Maddox) rapper/Vocalist and lyricist is from Lawndale, NC. Soul carries the styles of the past as well. Possessing great songwriting capabilities and showmanship, he mixes his style with the past doing "his own thang." Being a band member with soul is a priviledge, ask any member of 'da Funk, they can relate to the concern he gives to the family.

'daFunkface" (kevinjohnson) This and that. I ain't worth sh*t!!! I smells funny... but I look great in a bikini.

(no he don't)

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