'da Funk of Brotha'Hood
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You're going to read the Monthly Diary of 'daFunkface. Letting you be nosey about 'da Funk of Brotha'Hood!

MY ANGER VIBE FOR THE WEEK..... It's a shame how you make friends so fast when people see good vibes walking towards you. There have been some people that I've tried to work w/ and they've just ignored me like I'm nothing. But now since I've gotten the good vibes from different places, here they come running. Why can't we help eachother while we're crawling and run with eachother while we're up. That is MY ANGER VIBE FOR THE WEEK..................I'll see you next wk.

March 12th- 'da Funk of Brotha'Hood did a show w/ Average White Band in Oct. 2002. While performing they caught the eye of AWB's engineer Phil Pagano (Phil has done studio work w/ Modonna, Whitney Houston, Jimi Hendrix remix, Robert Plant remix and the list goes on.) 'da Funk caught the eye/ear of this Professional Producer/Engineer and will be on their way to Staten Island, NY in June to hold the privilege of share the studio w/ Phil. While 'daFunkface has communtcated w/ Phil, interest from Record Labels, Managers/Promoters, etc has been falling like rain. While in the studio, 'da Funk will be sharing the studio w/ past artist they've shared the stage with- B-E from Nappy Roots just to name one. ('daFunkface doesn't want to give it all away.) 'daFunkface will have something else to tell you too........................... stay tuned and I'll keep you informed.

March 11th...... 'daFunkface has just received word that 'da Funk has been invited to do a Showcase gig in the Bronx of New York City. MTV, BET, Russell Simmons, and Def Jam records will be present. This is going to be a great oppurtunity. Thanks Candice @ CJR Entertainment for hooking 'da Funk of Brotha'Hood up. Much Love.

March 11th....... Life has been treating me well. If anyone thinks that there is no joy in life, come talk to me. Jamm Records out of New York is interested in 'da Funk. I have been told by the Vice President of Jamm Records to set up a Showcase gig and he will be there the see us. April 26th we're performing in Queensbury, NY and 'daFUnkface will have him there. Aw, 'daFunkface almost for got to tell you................stay tuned and I'll keep you informed.

March 10th....... 'da Funk of Brotha'Hood has been offered a European Tour for the Month of Sept. 4 wks. on the roads of Europe showing them what funk is about. We were spotted by a signed artist out of Europe who wants to be part of 'da Funk's stardom. What do you think we should do? Go to the newsletter dept and give 'daFunkface your input. By the way........... stay tuned and 'daFunkface will keep you informed.

March 9th....... It has happened. 'da Funk of Brotha'Hood is finally where 'daFunkface has always wanted them. Now all the music that 'daFunkface writes for 'da Funk of Brotha'Hood is performed on the stage- in the studio the way 'daFunkface feels it. 'da Funk is full of SOUL now w/ Big Bace Steve on the bass, Cuddy on the Keys, and Sista' Cree on the drums. It feels good to see and all Black band letting a hardcore style be part of there genre of music. And the topics that we rap and sing about, it comes from the Heart of 'daFunkface's artist because you know they feel it and have experienced it in life. That's why 'daFunkface hears more feeling in the 'da Funk of Brotha'Hood. To all the Funk Family who haven't seen these cat's yet, Let me tell you something.....................stay tuned and watch the dates. 'daFunkface will keep you informed.

March 9th....... We have finally finished the mix. We have spent some time getting this right and it is the best recording 'da Funk has ever done live. You can go to the Preview MP3 and check out the new recording. "saxx" showed his butt in the recording. He really held his end well. Let 'daFunkface know what you think about the MP3 recordings.............Stay tuned.

March 8th....... 'daFunkface spent 19hrs doing my vocals, guitar overdubs, solo's, and mixing today. We went thru 3 songs and it was tiring. I wanted to go to sleep but I knew that I had some work to do. Soul was there putting down some tracks. He did a great job on his vocals and I loved his snoring while we were mixing. We tried to get it on the tracks but he woke up. P did a good job on her tracks. We had great hospitality by Ronnie Baby (Engineer) and his wife. They treated us like we were family. That's what helped the overdub session go well..................I had this one track that I....................Stay tuned, I'll tell you Later.

March 7th...... 'daFunkface spent 14hrs w/ the starting of the overdubs. It always starts out great. I think I could have done my parts better, but time was more important. I received word that we have another label interested in us. I wish the world could feel feel how it feels to know that people are interested in your personal doings. It was great. I was needing to get home to get in contact w/ them but I had to get this recording finished. The Label that I'm talking about is........... Make sure you keep in touch. Same Funk time, same Funk channel.

March 1st..... This was a Nasty day that made 'daFunkface want to cry. We had a one day studio session that took us 5hrs to do 5 songs w/ breaks in between. The music sounds so good that I just want to cry. I'm had these new artist for about 3-4 wks and they did such a great job. Cree- (Female drummer) has a foot on her that won't stop. She held the pocket great. Big Steve- (Bassist) adds so much soul to my music, it ain't funny. Brotha' Cuddy laid on the keys giving that church vibe. He vibes from it. They all did a great job. AWESOME musicians. They're making 'daFunkface have to stand up to the plate. It's the best 'da Brotha'Hood has ever sounded. I can't wait to get out there and let the East Coast see what's going on.

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