'da Funk of Brotha'Hood
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       We welcome you to our world aboard'disFunkin'ship! We've set out on this voyage to give you a natural high, a trip, so we welcome you aboard. But first I need your undivided attention:
CAUTION: Our music is harmful if swallowed or absorbed through the brain, ears, or skin. Avoid breathin' 'da Funk's mist. Provide adequate ventilation of area before funkin' further. Keep out of reach of humans who can't handle funky grooves. This stuff can get nasty. "Smell your computer screen." (I'm serious, smell it). If you smell a strong but somewhat sour smell, PLEASE EXIT THIS SITE. IT'S TOO FUNKY FOR YOU. Or call 1-555-B2FUNKY.
You are now in the process of fallin' into a groove. Into 'th web page of one of the most funkyiest, filthyiest, multifarious, suigeneis bands that ever congregated on the face of the earth. (They so funky they feet stank). You are 'bout to take a complete nose dive into a world of music that can and will, mentally and physically, implant funky thought's in your mind and between your cheek and gum.
        I want you to sit back and enjoy the ride on 'dis Funkin'ship. If you have any questions or complaints just ask for the Captain.
Welcome Aboard

       'daFunk is a Funk based band consisting of different styles mixed together to make 'da Funk of Brotha'hood. Their style is Funk oriented w/ Rap, jazz, soul, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Hardcore, poetry/music, alternative, R&B, 70's style funk, blues, and Techno. You won't believe it until you hear it. (Example: Take a bucket and pour 1 gallon of Parliment Funkadelic/George Clinton into it. Take 1/2 cup of Rage against the Machine. While mixing, preheat your CD/Cassette Player at 425. You will now add 1 1/2 liters of Fishbone. Arrange the Maceo Parker into the oven pan. You will need 2 cups of it spreaded evenly. Sprinkle a touch of Alternative style on the top of it. Now you will put this in your player for 25mins. Remove from your player. Take a deep breath. Add 1 gallon of Chuck D/ Public Enemy. Add female vocals and a touch of 'da funk's own style. Put into the fridge for 10mins. After you remove from the fridge take a big bite of it. You will taste some jazz, blues, poetry and other secret ingrediants in 'da Funk of Brotha'Hood. Now you've gotten a taste of 'da Funk of Brotha'Hood
Where's we'es been and where's we'es goin'
'da Funk jamming with artists in the Music Industry!
       Yes, it's true 'da Funk got nasty on the stage with some famous artists in the music industry. They had the priviledge and opportunity to open for some of Rap's and Alternative's most powerful & influentual artists.In June 2001 'da Funk took the stage w/ Fishbone, July of 2001 The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, National artist Rehab. In Oct. 2001, they performed 2 times w/ their good friends from Sublime, opening for The Long Beach Dub Allstars. 'da Funk carried they joy of sharing the stage w/ Ice-T (Yes, the one and only Ice-T) into April 2002, Nappy Roots in May 2002, and once again w/ Fishbone in Aug 2002. Average White Band in Oct. 2002. 'da Funk of Brotha'Hood has to be something gettin' the priviledge and opportunity to open for well known act. You need to check them out.
       'da Brotha'Hood is now a Regional act. They have goals of being world wide. I'm sure that time will come. North Carolina, South Carolina (Magnolia St. Pub, Music Farm), Georgia (Cotton Club, Tasty World), New York, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Louisiania, Alabama (The Nick), Tennesse, and Virginia (The Boathouse). They have played in well know venues in the state of NC. Winston-Salem (Ziggy's), Wilmington (Marrz), Chapel Hill (Cat's Cradle), Charlotte (Independence Arena, Tremont Music Hall), and other area's (Greensboro, Raleigh- Lake boone Country Club, and Hickory). Now let me tell you the great news. 'da Funk will be on a European Tour in Sept. of 2003. I'm telling you, they're moving up.

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Or become part of 'daFunkin'ship by gettin' in touch with 'da Brotha'Hood @ 828-465-2514. - Leave your e-mail address & phone # to receive info on upcoming events. If you're in a band and you're interested in swapping gigs to get into our areas, contact 'daFunkface. We may be coming to Funk yo area.
Now get off your a%* and get to a Brotha'Hood show.