'da Funk of Brotha'Hood
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Here it is:

The song, "soclimbaboard'disfunkin'ship." - every true Brotha'Hood fan has heard the song. Now @ any Funk show, you can climbaboarddisMotha'Funkin'Ship enjoyin' the pleasurable amenities while being affiliated w/ 35'5 FT Ship. A great sh*t, shaver, and bather, TV's, VCR, sleeps 8 (plus more if you're getting ya groove on), Oven, Microwave, and th list goes on. You all will get a Look @ 'daFunkin'ship when it comes to Motha'Funk 'yo town or state. Check the date site and we'll keep you informed.

"da ship"
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CJR Entertainment has just climbed aboard this funkin' ship!
Burns Guitars USA - So Hot, It’s Cool. Distributor for USA and Canada
http://kronicle.com/ - tell them 'daFunkface sent ya'

       'daFunkface has received an Endorsement Deal with Burns Guitar— the famous guitar manufacturer in the 60's and 70's and now making their way back to the top w/ a large line of gear. Well-known artists that have owned a Burns Guitar include: Brian May (Queen), Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Elton John Band, Elvis Presley, Tom Petty, The Beatles, Pete Townsend and the list goes on...

       Now 'daFunkface is being added to the list to Represent the Burns Guitars w/ the Marquee Special. 'daFunkface said, " Any serious guitarist needs try this line of Guitar. Their Rosewood fingerboard feels like the bottom end of a new-born baby’s arse, and the sound goes thru the body sending signals thru your stomach to your spine." Some of the greatest Rock and Roll Artist have been known playing Burns guitars. 'daFunkface said, "I will add my name by coming from a different viewpoint. I'm here to take it to the funky/hip-hop/Hardcore side of the Universe, showing you that it has versatility."

       Go to their website and check out their line of Guitars. Make sure you tell them, 'daFunkface sent 'cha. That's Love, Nizzel!!
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